About Gryvon.net

Gryvon.net is a representation of computer networks I have created and maintained over the years. Originally the name "Gryvon" came from a city depicted in fiction I wrote years ago, but it has since then stuck as a good network name. There have been two Gryvon networks to date: Alpha Gryvon, and Ursa Gryvon.

Alpha Gryvon was originally just called "Gryvon" due to the fact that it was the only network with that name at the time. It was a small network running within my home that connected all the PCs in the house together through our ISP's DSL modem. It was the first time I'd gotten to play with and maintain a router of my own. I had managed to get file and print sharing running, and to me, this was quite the personal achievement. After a year or so, the need for wireless arrived, and Alpha Gryvon's router gained a wireless card. For years, this network served me, and to this day is still running at home, keeping my parents connected to the modern age of the internet.

Ursa Gryvon was my second network. In August of 2005, I had the daunting task of moving away from home and setting up my own area. I had years of experience with me in small private home networks (with a dash of professional networking), and so I knew what kind of router I was going to need, as well as how I was going to set up. I bought a Linksys router with wireless built in. I had flashed the firmware within the first month of owning it, and had little to no difficulties setting it up at my dorm room at the University of Northern Colorado. The name "Ursa Gryvon" was given in honor of UNC's mascot, the bear. Upon my graduation in May of 2008 and moving from Greeley to Fort Collins, I retired the "Ursa Gryvon" network.

The third and current existing Gryvon Network has been named "Polaris Gryvon" to represent where I live now. I liked the idea of using star names for designations, so I ran with it. Those familiar with the geography of Colorado should know that Fort Collins is located on nearly the northern edge of the state. I had moved north, so the name seemed fitting. I set it up in my first apartment, and used this opportunity to escape Qwest and try out Comcast cable as an ISP. It's been good to me with awesome speeds for a reasonable price (after having to argue with their billing department for a couple months). My first network in a place I paid for completely on my own. Truly a new journey for me that I would need a guiding light, Polaris.


Each network had many systems, a cast of characters living within it.

Name: Eternity
Type: Tower
Manufacturer: Gryvon Networks
Status: Functional
Version: 4.5.X2
Alpha Gryvon Network System 01
Ursa Gryvon Network System 01
Polaris Gryvon Network System 01

Eternity is the main system of every incarnation of the Gryvon network. She is my main gaming rig and is the central hub for any serious network administration that needs to go on. Eternity is the first PC in line for upgrades of any kind, and is the system I consider to be mine. Eternity was where I started, and where I focus to this day. This is why Eternity alone recieves my 'Crimson Cross' branding.

Name: Infinity
Type: Tower
Manufacturer: Gryvon Networks

Status: Retired
Version: 1.2
Alpha Gryvon Network System 02
Infinity was my secondary system for a number of months. However, my own dedication to keeping Eternity in tip-top shape began to take it's toll on my dedication to Infinity. Infinity fills the other half of where I got the names of my computers from; Eternity and Infinity are in These Hands from Gundam Wing. Infinity was retired from the Gryvon Network and now serves as Eden System 01 with my friend Chris. However, Infinity may one day be resurrected within Gryvon's latest incarnation as a media server. Only time will tell...

Name: Galadriel
Type: Tower
Manufacturer: Goddess of Geek Systems
Status: Functional (under new management)
Version: Unknown
Alpha Gryvon Network System 04
Galadriel is my parents' computer. She was always third in line for upgrades, but now recieves them on a very rare basis. She is still a decent PC for what my parents intend to do with her. Due to Galadriel never really being a computer of mine, but still part of the network, Galadriel recieved no logo like the others. Her current revision is now unknown to me. My mom, who acquired her own A+ Certification in 2008, has taken over Galadriel's maintenance and administration. I believe Galadrie to be in good hands.

Name: Little Washu
Type: Laptop
Manufacturer: Compaq
Status: Retired with Honors
Version: 1.1
Alpha Gryvon Network System 03
Ursa Gryvon Network System 02
Little Washu was my colleague in crime for over two years. She was the best laptop I had ever had, and helped me to keep organized with both business and play. She had potential as a portable gaming rig, but was shot down in March of 2006 by her own old age. Motherboard and hard drive failures made her repair bill too much to bear. Little Washu was honorably retired from the Gryvon Network on March 10th, 2006, to make way for Sasami.
Name: Little Sasami
Type: Laptop
Manufacturer: HP
Status: Functional
Version: 2.0
Alpha Gryvon Network System 05
Ursa Gryvon Network System 02
Polaris Gryvon Network System 02
Little Sasami was brought in to replace her predacessor, Washu. Washu's hard drive data was imaged onto Sasami within minutes of being purchased. She served me in college and other matters. Unfortunately, on Halloween night on 2007, she was stolen from one of the dining halls. It pained me to declare her MIA two weeks later after all my efforts to have her returned to me. I had to move on. My dad helped me to purchase Sasami's reincarnation. She has since served me throughout the end of college and beyond in the real world as my own personal assistant.

Name: Little Terra
Type: Cellphone / Smartphone
Manufacturer: Motorola
Status: Functional
Version: 4.0 - Delta
Polaris Gryvon Network System 03

Terra has been the name given to each phone I've had. She has served as my scout and my guide when I am out in the world. Her role is similar to that of Sasami, but lighter and more mobile. Every incarnation of Terra has been a Motorola phone. She started as a Motorola V276, followed by a SLVR L7C, followed by a KRAVE ZN4, and finally ascending into a true smartphone as a Droid 2. Her name, color scheme, and overall theme were all inspired by my attraction to the Terran Republic of PlanetSide.

Character Artwork 2004-2010 Yoshi Ayarane